We believe that every person on this planet deserves to be happy. That’s exactly why Zenify meditation and mindfulness app was created. Many of the problems in life can be traced back to living unconsciously on “autopilot”. Zenify was designed to enrich your life by periodically interjecting simple meditation assignments and mindfulness reminders into your everyday activities. These prompts will coach you to live with more awareness of the present moment. Tune in to your senses and install Zenify now (available in 10 languages) :-)

Meditation App for a Better Life

Zenify helps you build the tools…

Increased sense of calmness, relaxation and balance

Better decision making, attention, memory and learning

Better handling of feelings and emotions

Control of thoughts and reactions

Reduced feelings of stress, depression, pain and anxiety

Improved intuition, clarity and understanding

Screen Shots

A look at the Zenify experience

Home screen

This is where you receive your assignments. You may choose to accept or decline them and move through Zenify at your own pace. Some assignments contain pictures, others feature music, but mostly they come as a text message.


Keep track of your daily progress and completed assignments.


Personalize your Zenify experience by setting custom notification sounds and the days and times you want the app to be active.


Here’s what to expect when you download Zenify meditation app.

  • Zenify assignments are organized into 10 levels of 7 assignments in each.
  • The first level is free, and you can add Levels 2-10 for only $2.99 USD.
  • The assignments touch on various aspects of your life: thoughts, emotions, physical senses, relationships, love, sex, parents, friends, childhood and much more.
  • Along with assignments, you’ll also receive reminders that help you stay centered and focused throughout the day.